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What to do when someone dies

When someone dies it is very common to telephone the Funeral Director. Lodge Bros.(Funerals) Ltd. prides itself on being able to offer a 24 hour service providing advice on what needs to be done and by whom. With over 200 years of experience we have encountered nearly all situations.

The following information is intended to help by guiding you step by step through a very difficult time.

When death occurs at home

If the death was expected, as the deceased had been ill for some time, it would be normal to contact their Doctor who would then visit to certify that death had occurred and determine the cause of death. This may not happen immediately as the Doctor may be in his/ her surgery or death may happen in the middle of the night in which case you may decide to wait until morning before calling out the Doctor.

Later that day or the next, the Doctor will issue the relatives a form called the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. This contains a list of who can register the death, known as Informants, at the local Registry Office and what information the Registrar will require.

If you are uncertain whether someone is dead then call the Doctor or dial 999 and ask for an ambulance.

If the cause of death cannot be determined then the Doctor will refer the death to The Coroner.

When death occurs in hospital

Unless present when death occurs, the relatives will be notified by the nursing staff as soon as possible. Arrangements can then be made with the Hospital Administrative staff to deal with the formalities. These will include collecting the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (issued by a Hospital Doctor) and personal possessions of the deceased. The Hospital may also issue a 'Release Form', which needs to signed by the next of kin, releasing the deceased into the care of the chosen Funeral Director.

When death occurs elsewhere

If death occurs away from home then the initial formalities listed above will be completed by the Doctor or Hospital staff in that area. If relatives wish to bring the body home for the funeral then the arrangements in both areas, including transport, can be taken care of by Lodge Bros.

Should death occur abroad then our staff can advise accordingly as to what options are available.