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The Coroner

The main duties of the Coroner are to investigate all sudden and unexpected deaths and to give permission to remove bodies out of England and Wales.

Once a death has been reported to the Coroner he/she will decide what action is necessary following initial investigations of the facts surrounding the death by his/her officers. This may include a post-mortem examination to establish the cause of death and there may be a delay in making the funeral arrangements.

In the case of unnatural, unexplained, violent, or workplace deaths the Coroner will hold
an inquest after a post-mortem. This will be open to the public and is to ascertain who the deceased was, how, when and where they died and the particulars legally needed to register the death. Sometimes an inquest can be opened and adjourned to allow the funeral to take place.

Further details on the roles and responsibilities of the Coroner are available in a pamphlet published by the Home Office entitled 'The work of the Coroner', a copy of which can be obtained from us.